How happy do you rate yourself? What about your health? Do you feel well in yourself?

Do you worry about the state and future of our natural environment and climate?

If you have concerns in any of these areas in your life, you are not alone. We each have our own daily immediate needs to take care of such as earning a living, caring for our families, education and homes. We only have finite mental energy and time to devote to other activities.

It may be a surprise to you that many of the same activities that will make you happier and healthier are also good for the environment and also what is good for the environment is often good for your health and happiness.

The solutions you will find in this blog tackle the simultaneous issues of happiness, health and the environment with clear and simple ways for time-constrained individuals to make positive changes. 

The ideas, activities and solutions in this blog have come from a combination of traditional knowledge and skills, and modern scientifically backed knowledge. Solving happiness, health and environmental problems are not necessarily dependent on new technological solutions or having large amounts of money.

On a personal basis I am working on the challenge of continually improving my own happiness, health and reducing my ecological footprint. The largest challenge being centered around the food footprint of my pets and I.


About Tara Naylor

I am passionate about how to transition our society into being truly environmentally and economically sustainable. I believe this can be achieved while improving or maintaining our health, wellbeing and a high quality of life.

The connected nature of health, happiness, the environment and the economy was clearly demonstrated to me while attending the Ontario Bicycle Summit and Trailhead Ontario Conferences in 2015. It was very exciting to see politicians and policy makers; engineers, trail organizations and health professionals discussing the multiple benefits of active transportation and recreation. This really illustrated to me that solutions that provide a healthy environment, wellbeing and health can also move us towards a lower carbon society, more environmentally sustainable society.

On a personal basis I have made the choice to live and work in or near rural communities which allows me to pursue my interests in fitness, health and outdoor activities. In order to advance these interests I became certified as a Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist in 2014 and have continued my education on the health and wellness side of food. In recent years I have spent more time learning about reducing the environmental impacts of food production and improving the lives of the animals we depend on for food. I now have the beginnings of a permaculture garden and am a proud keeper of a small flock of chickens that produce eggs and a lot of amusement.

My formal educational background is a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, a M.Sc. in Energy Conservation and the Environment followed by a Ph.D. related to Pollution Prevention, which I attained while working full-time. I am continuously trying to improve my knowledge in areas that interest me through continual reading, professional and personal development (see list below).

Throughout my career I have had success in managing a variety of projects. I have learnt that my strength lies in working through problems, seeing connections within systems, assimilating information on a wide variety of topics and finding solutions and then blasting through obstacles to get projects completed in a timely and budget conscious manner.  This ability has made me adaptable to working in multiple different sectors.

Creating a healthy, happy life that regenerates the environment is definitely a multi-disciplinary problem that is important to us all.

Tara Naylor (Ontario, Canada)


Recent Training and Professional Development 

Think Resilience (2018)

CSA GHG Quantifier Certification (2017)

IPCC Guidelines: Introduction and Cross Cutting Issues, GHG Management Institute (2017)

Eat Clean Foundations (2016) and Eat Clean for Wellness (2017)

Understand, Quantify and Manage Water Footpints 2016, CIRAIG, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

GHG Protocol, Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (2016), World Resources Institute

Muskoka Summit on the Environment 2016: Solutions for a Warming World

Greening the Economy (2016), University of Lund (MOOC)

Trailhead Ontario Conference (2015)

Ontario Bicycle Summit (2015)

Canfitpro World Fitness Expo (2014, 2015)

Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World (2014), University of Groningen (MOOC)

Muskoka Summit on the Environment 2014: Environment Vs. Economy, resolving the dichotomy

Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist  (2014)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Sustainable Supply Chains, Harvard University.